Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Forwards backwards upside-down; by MüCKE
 Senorita, brooch; by Emma Grace
From the FRONT: Forwards backwards upside-down #2; by MüCKE When 2 becomes 1; by MüCKE Study of Drapery in Silver, neckpiece; by Emma Grace

From the FRONT: The New Power Generation, neckpiece; by Emma Grace Study of Drapery in Gold, neckpiece; by Emma Grace 1 + 1= a jumpsuit; by MüCKE
I planned to rattle on to you about how magical the whole experience has been for me.  but no.  instead I thought I'd just offer you some visuals.  leaving a little to your imagination.  and. hoping that you'll get to see the show in the flesh. for your own little eyes. possibly invoking some kind of response. from you. from the outside.  and. if not. that is ok too.  regardless. I can confidently say. 
I am happy.

All jewellery and clothing was made using reclaimed materials.
Wearit is on at Stockroom in Kyneton Victoria until Sunday 3rd April 2011


  1. lovely work - is it on in Melbourne at the moment?

  2. G'day and thank you! The show is on at Stockroom in Kyneton, in country Victoria- about an hour out of Melbourne on the train. check out our blog http://www.wearitlmff.blogspot.com/
    the show was scheduled to finish up last Sunday, but as it turns out, it will be on display for a week or so longer. Give Stockroom a call to double check if its still up if you plan to head up there! (03)54223215