Friday, April 1, 2011

time to share

Hey there,

I've decide its time to broaden the discussion.  I'm being thrown a lot of info at the moment.  Articles from one side of the info-net to the other...time to share..
Zandra Rhodes, YIELD exhibition, Wellingon NZ.
YIELD- an exhibition looking at zero waste concepts in the fashion industry.  Holly Mc Quillan the co-curator has some interesting things to say about the show here
I'm enjoying this discussion as zero waste is something I am aware of, do my best to consider and incorporate.  Having said that, with all my other limitations in designing, ie recycled material, working with clothing not flat fabric, maintaining a viable re-manufacturing model within these limitations etc it is not my main focus in the design process.  I focus more on putting the 'waste' from my production processes back into the making and designing system.  You can see the latest restults of this process if you make it along to the Sisters Market tomorrow- 10-4pm @ the Brusnwick town Hall.

Haven't yet read this one, but plan to at some point.  I think this is exploring the challenges involved in making it possible for consumers to make good choices when purchasing clothing.  It's a really complex area, one that I struggle to offer any answers to, but that is being discussed more and more amongst those of us in the industry.  I hope to be able to throw some ideas around in this space, though, at some point.

And one more piece to get your noggins thinking.  The thing that troubles me about this article is its as if the writer is hunting for a single/perfect solution.  I'm not so pleased when she talks about the pre-organic farm "not being organic at all'.  If we didn't support farms in transition, then we'd have business going 'out of business' for 5 years or so it takes become certified as 'organic'.  I agree there are issues with the 'recyclable shoe not being able to necessarily be recycled', but I don't think that is necessarily greenwash.  It is inevitable that certain parts of industry will change before the other parts catch up.  We really are still at the very beginning of a a very big learning curve.  Lets stay positive about it and keep the discussion happening.

Signing off for now but see you soon.

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  1. I Love that exhibition. Great inspiration for designing my own wardrobe.