Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Overwhelmed. Yep.
Feeling the pressure. Yep.
I should be organising quite a number of things right now, but no. Here I am in front of the computer. Don't get me wrong, I have lots of things to do on the computer, sort through my latest SS1011 collection images, design and layout a whole lot of promotional m
aterial for the Melbourne Design Market (this weekend) AND Design:Made:Trade (next week), send out invites to the Trade Fair, etc, etc. But no, here I am writing this here blog. Although I know it's not altogether unproductive, it sure does feel like I'm not really shifting the mountains I should be...Hmm what do you think of these?

Waste-Tee earings (in two styles)
Waste-Tee necklaces (in two lengths)

Being released on Sunday 11th July at the Melbourne Design Market
And also at DESIGN:MADE:TRADE 15th-18th July

Photography by Tobias Titz
Model, Zahra
Accessories by MüCKE