Thursday, March 10, 2011

Only open Wednesdays...(part 2)

A picture of the finished dress you ask for... here is a 'not quite there yet' version.  Bit of work yet to be done to make it sit beautifully on the body, but at this point I am loving the shapes just hanging there on the wall (yes a front view Julian!!...but the back is well, dull at this point in time..and I can't hang it sideways)  The one on the right is using the same concept only it's made from recycled men's shirts.  This one is also fun but needs some jigging...I got it on...just.. but got a little stuck trying to get it off..yes awkward..and a little embarrassing...thankfully no-one else was in the studio at the time, so I got to experience that little moment



  1. Devine!! I especially adore the grey and blue one!

  2. I can never seem to put mine on the same way twice!!!
    Yours looks fab by the way.