Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sustainability at its best

Emma Grace Treasury workshop
The Treasury is a jewellery "fix-it- remake it- recreate it-preserve it- don't throw it out!" workshop being run this weekend by the clever and talented jeweller, Emma Grace.  I've also been invited along this weekend to share some ideas and inspirations on adapting old things into new things.  

In Emma's words, this it what the workshops are all about:
"It is an opportunity to re-connect with the idea of community; to exchange skills, materials, thoughts and inspiration. Participants will sit around the table with plates of food and tattered jewellery piled high and leave at the end of the day with a bundle of ‘new’ jewellery and a bunch of new friends.

The Treasury is about sustainable fashion – moving away from ‘throw-away culture’ and leading back towards the way we used to live; where if something broke, you fixed it, and if it got old, you made it into something new."

Wow.  I love it.  Come join us!
Tix are $20. Sunday 31st Oct, 2pm-4.30pm. RSVP here to get involved!


  1. This sounds like a hoot but I bet it is in Melbourne.

  2. Ooh yes..sorry always in Melbourne! I'll have to see if Emma wants to bring the Treasury to Sydney. MüCKE though will be at Finders Keepers in Sydney early December, yey! And that reminds me Pam, I still haven't made you your top. Cream silk, hand stitched right?..