Thursday, October 21, 2010

a part of the process

On Tuesday, screen printing in the outdoors turned into a quick dash and scurry inside as the droplets started falling.  Oops!  At least its water-based ink I'm using and not a great deal of accuracy is required, its just the texture I'm after for the screen printed t-laces you can see below.
Screen printing on the ironing board!
Drying the printed tees

Cut, stretched and bound.  Just the labeling to go.
I've been seeing a few similar accessories to the t-lace of late...In fact they seem to be everywhere, but largely not created from recycled materials.  Let me assure you that MüCKE is a design label (ie. I design solutions, I don't follow fashion) and that the t-lace was created out of an explorative process, over 4 years ago.  In the coming weeks I'll post some pics and give you more on the background of the MüCKE t-lace.  For now, feel free to browse a selection of them for sale here.

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