Thursday, February 10, 2011

de cluttering

I'm of the mind that less 'stuff' makes for a clearer mind.  yet I've never quite been able to achieve, well either of those things really. moments of clarity, sure.  but not a totally


this year I'm on a  mission to increase THOSE moments.  

so far I've been handing old clothes over to the op shops, cleaning up my computer files and discarding of the stuff that I can't justify holding onto any longer. ie the shoes that I loved for so long that, when I wore them I was walking on the pavement instead of the sole...I dearly hate throwing this stuff out. stuff that I see still has potential.  and is perhaps not quite 'dead' all over, but my head has really run out of S P A C E for the things i know I will not ever get around to 
  this month i have also started to de-clutter the studio.  after 5 years of, 'maybe that item of clothing will come in handy'  i've begun to move things on to new homes.  i also bought this plant
asplenium australasicum critatum
crested bird's nest fern
-an australian native-
and this op shop plant. 
can you tell me what it is so i can make it happier?
i'm finding them rather inspiring
 as you can see from the pics, the de-cluttering has not yet begun in my office area.
take it one corner or drawer at a time they say.  hopefully in the next pics of my studio you will see clear spaces and less 'stuff'...

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