Thursday, February 3, 2011

cars, bikes, sustainabilty, yasi & another New Year.

It's the first day of the Chinese New Year. 
Year of the Rabbit, hippity hop... 

Some of you might feel like you'd like to start the year again.  
I've had good feelings about this year, 2011.  
Double 1's after all.  
Such balance, visual greatness in numbers like that!
  We've already had 1.1.11 and 11.1.11, and how about 11.11.11 yet to come.

Regardless of all that, I still think I had a false start to this year.
Four days ago a car crashed into me,
on my bike*
I was lucky, 
to escape with just bruises,
and some grazes
minus 1
So, today is a New Year and I'm back at work
but I'm not yet feeling 
I doubt whether all the people in Queensland who've lost their homes, or part thereof, to the floods or Cyclone Yasi, will feel its an ideal time for a New Year either.  The list of natural disasters could go on.
Some perhaps will just be thankful to be alive.
I'm definitely thankful, there is no doubting that,
I think I'll wait and see
how I feel in March.
 Begin the year with the Tibetans perhaps.
Any takers?
*head to this here festival if you're baffled as to why I might be riding my bike around the city in the first place!

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