Tuesday, June 29, 2010

FREE stuff!

Welcome to MüCKE's new followers


Thank you for spreading the word

MüCKE friends.

In amongst the chaos, I'm trying to keep you updated and informed and to keep you in the loop of our latest and most exciting events to date. I invite you to leave comments. make suggestions. ask questions. I welcome your input!

Another place you can do this is on our facebook page. Its not as pretty as this here blog. But it might just let you know a few things I don't tell you here. Feel free to join.

So, please send me a message to let me know if you encouraged your friends to join the MüCKE blog, and if they have indeed joined, I'll send you a free T-lace as promised! If you haven't spread the word just yet, you have until 30th June to do so. HURRY! And don't forget to include your postal address in the message to me.

And join the crowd of followers who believe you can never have



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