Wednesday, June 16, 2010


SS1011 Photoshoot done, what a relief. Thank you to those of you who volunteered to help out. In the end we had a lovely lady, Zahra, be our gorgeous model. The ladies at the Social Studio helped us to find her, how sweet of them! We'll show some pics once things have settled down in the studio. As you can see from above, its a little hectic here at the moment!!!

I went straight from the shoot, to marking work in at RMIT, to a little presentation at the Social Studio! 3 days of intensity. Now its still Crazy busy, as we are packing up our home in Thornbury and relocating to the hills for a short period.

How many boxes in this picture?
Forward the
MüCKE blog to that many people,
then, get them all to sign up as friends!

What will you get?
A FREE T-lace, posted right to your doorstep!
-colour of
MüCKE's choice

You've got, about a week to do so, or until I post the next entry:)


  1. How many? I'm guessing.. umpteen!

  2. Yes, well there are quite a few hiding in this shot, lucky for you!